Changxing Angwei Environmental Ecological Engineering Project

The company is mainly engaged in environmental protection, ecological engineering investment, design and construction, and operation management. With the strong technical and R&D support from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other renowned universities and institutes, the company has a group of domestic and foreign well-known professors, experts and talents as part of its core technology management team. Making full use of advanced technology with independent intellectual property rights to develop the market, the company continues to research and develop new practical environmental protection and ecological technology. At present, the company is mainly responsible for the treatment of industrial wastewater in the area and the town’s domestic wastewater treatment. The 2 types of treatment technology currently being used are: Activated sludge+ sedimentation+ disinfection process, and a two-stage biological treatment UBF+A/O+ filtration process. The discharge quality is able to meet Chinese Wastewater Discharge GB18918 Level 1 “A” Standard.